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Suicide video from Kandivali-The lessons learnt

A class ninth student of Gundecha Education Academy at Kandivili ended her life by jumping from top floor of her building. Cause is unknown. We are no one to judge her or her family or the circumstances. Family is at loss and so  is she. The video of the suicide has been widely shared on social media and parents like in most suicide cases are unaware of the situation. The danger of the suicide video being seen by the children is one of the irony which most of the parents sharing the video are unaware.
I have jotted down some of the facts and remedies which parents can intervene and prevent such events from happening. 1. A child is prone to depression much more than adults. 2.Till the age of 18, a child can be prone to mental illness , disorders and depression. 3.If a child is showing any kinds of withdrawals , sitting quiet for a long time, dreaming , sudden loss of attention span, too many distractions and not interested in anything, temper tantrums, bouts of anger or crying too easily…