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Provocateur Leadership and Design Thinking -Catalysts of change for the default Future

The adverse and abnormal VUCA(Volatility,Uncertaininty,Complexity and Ambiguity) reality is an obvious phenomenon in the corporate world but it is followed by period of exponential growth. Neither the VUCA times nor the following period of exponential market growth that heralds the new paradigm, follow or observe any known patterns of behaviours, systems or leadership. It seeks different and new style in leadership.  The idea that marginal enhancements in the style and efficiency of leadership will not be able to sustain itself in the new paradigm. It calls for what thinkers call –Provocateur Leadership. Darwins law of survival of the fittest has been engraved in our hard wired minds.It also opens up to the theory of following the classical path as opposed to create your own path.When you require someone to do something because of prescribed rules - what you do is labelled as classical. When you however expect to move your consciousness as well as that of others to take initiatives in t…